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Please help us to keep Lea County safe!



Project Wise Eyes

It is an exciting time to live in Lea County.  We are currently experiencing unprecedented growth and financial prosperity.  The Lea County Sheriff’s Department diligently strives to provide the most efficient and professional level of service and protection to the citizens of the county.  With nearly 5,000 square miles to patrol, suspicious or criminal activity often goes undetected by law enforcement.  The Wise Eyes program helps fill this gap with the eyes and ears of the county’s residents and workers. This is a tremendous benefit to the Sheriff’s Department and can have a significant impact on the reduction of all crimes.  Together, we can quickly identify and respond to suspicious activity and make safer communities for us all.  The Lea County Sheriff’s Department is proud to support and provide the Wise Eyes program.  Your decision to participate is greatly appreciated.


Steve Ackerman

Lea County Sheriff


Lea County Crime Stoppers
(575) 393-8005

Remember the 6 C's

1.  Crime:  Callers are asked to report crimes 
     and drug-
related activities.
2.  Call: Crime Stoppers has to receive
     information from the public.
3.  Code: A caller will receive a private code
     and a public code.  He, with the law
     enforcement officer alone, would have
     both codes.  This practice allows the 
     caller to have anonymity.
4.  Computer:  Information is fed into the
     computer to be disseminated to surrounding
5.  Capture:  Caller gives information leading
     to an arrest(s) of offenders and/or recover
     of stolen or contraband property.
6.  Cash:  Once an arrest has been made, the
     caller becomes eligible to receive a cash
     reward (up to $5,000)


Lea County Sheriff's Department *1417 S. Commercial Street* Lovington * NM * 88260